Revitalise, revitalise, revitalise!

Revitalise Scottish Labour

A radical democratic Scotland needs a radical democratic Scottish Labour Party

The New Labour years saw continual decline and disengagement inside Labour. The party became driven by top down approaches from a leadership that was getting more and more out of touch. Members drifted away. So did voters. A number of leadership reshuffles and even some half-decent results in May’s local elections haven’t changed that. We know that more of the same old New Labour politics won’t help rebuild our party.

We need to revitalise Labour.
We need to rebuild a culture of ideas and democratic debate inside the party. We’ve won some important changes in the party under the Revitalise banner. Conference delegates and visitors at the packed Revitalise fringe in Dundee in March agreed a need to develop more collective action. The Revitalise Open Forum will discuss how to:

  • Reconnect: Decisions about Labour’s policy and direction should belong to the whole party – not a few at the top.
  • Reengage: We need a vision of a different, better Scotland. Let’s involve the whole party to develop ideas that match people’s needs.
  • Revitalise: Let’s have a party driven from the bottom up – not the top down. A different approach to the tired, failed, old New Labour politics of markets and managerialism.

Revitalise is about building a network of people to drive forward the ideas and accountability which a radical democratic Scottish Labour Party needs to lead a radical democratic Scotland. Come and join us at UNISON, 14 West Campbell Street, Glasgow G2 6RX from 1.30-4pm on Saturday 23 June.

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Reconnect. Reengage. Revitalise Scottish Labour.

Revitalise Open Forum in Glasgow 23 June 2012

Revitalise Scottish Labour – Open Forum
Saturday 23 June 2012 – 1.30 – 4pm

At UNISON office
14 West Campbell Street
Glasgow G2 6RX

Open meeting on the future of Scottish Labour for members, activists, trade unions and affiliated groups.


1:30 Chair’s introduction and welcome – Katy Clark MP

1:35 Battle for Scottish Labour’s soul – Richard Leonard

1:50 Revitalise – next steps – Dave Watson

2:00 Workshops (2 subjects per participant)

  • Labour Vision
  • Party organisation
  • Revitalise organisation

3:30 Plenary

4:00 Conclusion – Chair

Reconnect. Reengage. Revitalise.

A radical democratic Scotland needs a radical democratic Labour Party

Have a say in the future of your party

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