New CLPs based on Scottish Parliament area – party guidance

Members will be invited to meetings over the next couple of months to consider how their new CLP, based on Scottish Parliament constituencies, will be organised. The Scottish Executive Committee has agreed guidance for the new CLPs.  Strengthening our local parties – CLP Reorganisation Guidance. (pdf)

The guidance is fairly straightforward, but some key points include:

  • While the guidance recommends an all member CLP model, the rules (Appendix 1) still provide for the branch delegate model for those CLPs who are strong enough to maintain it. As at present, this does not preclude all member meetings.
  • The guidance is very clear that CLPs can organise on the basis of branches (Page 11), contrary to popular myth that this reorganisation does away with party branches.
  • Trade unions and other affiliated organisations will continue to affiliate and send delegates on their branch basis. The delegates from affiliated organisations will elect up to 5 members of the Executive Committee.
  • While the Executive Committee takes a larger role in the day to day management of the CLP, it is still accountable to the CLP meeting or GC.
  • The Local Campaign Committees that replace Local Government Committees have a degree of flexibility as set out in the guidance (p29). If you believe your current structures work well, they can largely be replicated within the scope of this guidance.