Your Britain

UK Labour’s new on line policy forum is up and running. While much of the debate will be about English issues there is enough reserved content to keep us interested. We should also get involved because there is a commitment to run a similar forum when the Scottish Policy Forum starts its consideration of the policy programme for the next Scottish Parliament elections.

On a quick look they appear to have made a decent start. Of course it’s got a long way to go before we see if it achieves the aim of making policy-making more inclusive and less top down. Will party members, constituency parties, and affiliates really have some influence or will the difficult to find tracking system merely trace the path of their views into the abyss? We should also remember that not all party members are able or willing to engage on line. The party meeting also gives an opportunity for debate in a way that is limited on a web site.

So I would encourage Scottish members to  have a look at the “challenge” statements already on the Your Britain website. They are organised in policy areas:


Let us have your views( so we can learn the lessons when the Scottish process starts.