SEC accountability

Many Party members are probably unaware that they have a voice on the Party’s Scottish Executive through elected regional representatives.  These 8 members are elected every two years and represent eight geographic areas, with two from each one of whom must be a woman.  The areas cover West of Scotland, Mid Scotland & Fife; NE Scotland/Highlands and Islands; Central Scotland/Glasgow; Lothians/South of Scotland.  

The areas they represent are large and make it hard for the representatives to have a meaningful relationship with the local Constituencies.  They should however try.  It would be very helpful to have their feedback after meetings and more importantly for them to sound out constituencies in advance of some of the big discussions so they can, as far as possible, take this into account when attending meetings.

 This would be a small step to making the Executive more accountable to Party members and may lend more weight to the words of these representatives if they have consulted before they speak.

Pauline Bryan, Glasgow Kelvin CLP

UK Conference Arrangements Committee


Katy Clark MP

45 New Street
Scotland KA20 3HD
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May 2013

Dear Secretary

I am writing to ask for your support to stand for the Conference Arrangements Committee and to ask that your Constituency provide me with a supporting nomination. The closing date for nominations is Friday 21 June and the election is by all CLP delegates at the Annual Conference in Brighton.

I am standing because members need a far stronger voice in our Party. Too many CLPs no longer attend Conference because they don’t see the point. Yes Conference should be a showcase for our Party and a chance to sell ourselves. But it has to be more than a PR event. There must be more opportunity for debate and members must feel that they can influence policy. CLPs, unions and the affiliated societies should be far more involved in our decision making and Conference must be a place where that happens. One of my aims would be to try and ensure that more ordinary members get to contribute in the main debates.

I was elected as the Labour MP for North Ayrshire and Arran in 2005 and am a member of the Scottish Constituency of Cunningham North CLP. We need to make sure that all parts of the country are represented in our democratic structures.

Before becoming an MP I worked for UNISON so have an understanding of union issues. I am still a member of UNISON as well as the GMB and CWU. I am also a member of the Cooperative Party.

I very much hope your CLP is attending Conference but hope you will consider nominating me whether you decide to attend or not.

With very best wishes,

Katy Clark

Katy Clark MP
North Ayrshire and Arran

Membership number A533963







Westminster selection procedures

The Organisational Sub-committee of the NEC has decided to shorten the length of all future selections for Westminster seats. Selections will now take place over an 8 week period, rather than the previous 9-13 week period.

It is argued that this length strikes the right balance, to ensure people aren’t put off from applying for seats as well as ensuring the costs of going for selection doesn’t become prohibitive. These changes are in addition to the January changes:

– Allowing all candidates on application to have a membership list – to stop favoured candidates having an advantage over “outsiders”

– Reinstating the branch and affiliate nomination process – encouraging dormant members to get involved in the process

– Limiting the amount of literature candidates can produce – stopping people with lots of money being able to “out gloss” other candidates

The Scottish Labour Party has yet to agree the final procedures for Holyrood selections and so has the option to adopt or reject these ideas.