Westminster selection procedures

The Organisational Sub-committee of the NEC has decided to shorten the length of all future selections for Westminster seats. Selections will now take place over an 8 week period, rather than the previous 9-13 week period.

It is argued that this length strikes the right balance, to ensure people aren’t put off from applying for seats as well as ensuring the costs of going for selection doesn’t become prohibitive. These changes are in addition to the January changes:

– Allowing all candidates on application to have a membership list – to stop favoured candidates having an advantage over “outsiders”

– Reinstating the branch and affiliate nomination process – encouraging dormant members to get involved in the process

– Limiting the amount of literature candidates can produce – stopping people with lots of money being able to “out gloss” other candidates

The Scottish Labour Party has yet to agree the final procedures for Holyrood selections and so has the option to adopt or reject these ideas.