Scottish Policy Forum

The Scottish Policy Forum (SPF) oversees and conducts consultation with Party members and outside organisations on all areas of devolved policy (e.g. health, education, local government, tackling crime etc) towards developing our Scottish Parliament manifesto. The aim of the Forum is to consult with a view to presenting draft policy documents to the Scottish Joint Policy Committee. The Scottish Joint Policy Committee then reviews these draft policy documents before passing them on for debate and voting at Scottish Conference which remains the sovereign policy making body of the Scottish Labour Party on devolved matters.

Who is on the Scottish Policy Forum?
The SPF has 104 elected members in total, representing all divisions of the Scottish Labour Party as follows:

• Division 1 – CLPs ​
43 members – Following a rule change at the 2008 Scottish Conference there is now 1 member for every 2 Scottish Parliament constituencies, with constituencies being grouped into four to ensure gender balance. Information about this process is provided below. In addition, 6 members from Young Labour are also elected by OMOV ballot.

• Division 2 – Trade Unions & Affiliates
31 members appointed by nationally affiliated trade unions and socialist societies:
– 25 from affiliated trade unions
– 3 from affiliated socialist societies
– 3 from the Scottish Co-operative Party.

• Division 3 – Elected representatives
30 members:
• 6 members of the Scottish Parliament Shadow Cabinet
• 6 others from the Scottish Parliament Labour Group
• Shadow Scottish Secretary of State
• 3 others from the Westminster Scottish Parliamentary Group
• 7 members of the Scottish Executive Committee
• 1 representative from the European Parliamentary Labour Group
• 6 representatives of Labour local government elected by a ballot amongst all Scottish members of the Association of Labour Councillors

How are local party representatives to the SPF elected?
Following a rule change at the 2008 Scottish Conference there is now one member for every two constituencies, with each constituency twinned with a neighbouring CLP, and grouped into four to ensure gender balance. Detailed information of this process can be found below. In addition to the election of these representatives, division one will allocate six members from Young Labour, all of whom are elected by OMOV ballot.

Nominations should be sent to the Scottish Labour Party by 12 noon on Friday 6th September 2013. Forms are available from your CLP Secretary.

Once nominations have closed on 6th September 2013, a ballot will take place of all party members and the first meeting of the newly elected SPF is currently scheduled to take place on 26th October.

Gender balance
As with previous years, there is a still a requirement to achieve a minimum 50% female representation from local parties on the SPF. The Scottish Executive Committee agreed that this would be achieved by ensuring that at least every second representative elected by CLPs to the SPF would be female.

The nominee from the four CLPs with the highest number of votes will be elected first. If the first candidate elected is male, then the female candidate with the highest number of votes would also be elected to represent those two constituencies.

How do I apply for nomination for the SPF?
To get nominated for the SPF to represent your local party, you should contact your CLP Secretary as all nominations require to agreed by the CLP.