Devolve Deliver

Devolve Deliver is a voluntary network of people who want the next UK Labour government commit to devolving economic powers. They are keen to see more localised economic decision-making, a narrowing of regional disparities and greater powers for local people to shape their services and communities.

While the focus is on devolution from Whitehall to English local government, it clearly complements our own drive for greater devolution to Scotland. Devolution in the UK may never be asymmetric, but it can be more balanced if some progress is made in England. It also matches the approach signposted in the Scottish Labour Devolution Commission report.

The network are asking people to sign up to the following statement:

We believe that the UK is over-centralised and as a result economic opportunities to invest, grow and prosper are missed.

For too many people government decision-making can seem remote and unresponsive to the economic needs and priorities of their area. The unhealthy hoarding of decision-making powers in our capital city is neither good for the country as a whole or ultimately for London. The coalition government has failed to rebalance the economy because it has failed to rebalance power.

Every local area can contribute to building a diverse and sustainable national economy and should share in economic prosperity that follows. To do this the next government will need to do things differently. We urge Labour to commit to devolving substantial economic powers and investment away from Whitehall and to encourage all those who can play an active part in local and regional growth to do so.

We are fundamentally optimistic that if given the right tools our regions and local communities can transform our country. Devolve and we will deliver.”

Show your support by adding your name to the statement of aims.