Revitalise is an informal network of Scottish Labour Party activists drawn from CLPs, trade unions and socialist societies who support the strengthening of democracy within the Scottish Labour Party.

The network seeks to stimulate debate and action on ways to re-empower the party. Building a strong campaigning organisation that respects its members by giving them a meaningful role. The network has no affiliation with any groups and contributions have been made by a wide spectrum of opinion within the Scottish Labour Party.

Whilst contributors to the network may not always agree on policy or even individual reforms – they have common cause on the need to make democracy and accountability the hallmark of our Party. Constructive dialogue not oppositionalism is the aim.

Revitalise has a track record of winning democratic advances in the Scottish Labour Party since the network was first activated in 2004.

The story so far…

The Revitalise Scottish Labour network was established in 2004 to promote greater democracy within the Party. Revitalise held a conference in 2004, and a series of annual fringe meetings – bringing together a broad coalition in support of constitutional change.

The main proposals were:
The power to debate reserved matters at Scottish Labour Party conference.
Reforming the policy process including the power to amend the final report at conference.
Engaging the wider party in the decision to reach coalition agreements in the Scottish Parliament.

Much of this agenda was achieved – an exception being amendments to the final policy programme.

Revitalise Scottish Labour now

Following Labour’s loss of power due to consecutive defeats in the Scottish Parliament elections in 2007 and then 2011 – as well as in the UK election in 2010 – it is clear that the Party needs revitalising once more, if it is to be a successful force for radical and democratic politics.